Becoming the ultimate barbecue queen

Becoming a grilling great is a title to treasure and be proud.  Being bestowed a barbecue queen is a sought-after crown of majestic culinary magic. But how do you get there? At Samba, they pride themselves in being the grilling inspiration makers by showcasing a bountiful array of fire and barbecue products to create the foundations for excellent barbecue cuisine. To become the ultimate barbecue queen, you need the gumption, gusto, and the get-up-and go to master your barbecue brilliance so you have time to shine.

What’s your forte?

While you never stop learning about fresh barbecue techniques and tricks, to become the ultimate barbecue queen, you need to consider being able to carve out your grilling niche. Whether it is cooking it low and slow, using smoking chips or chunks, firing up with lump charcoal or experimenting with cedar grill planks, being known for your style and barbecuing prowess adds another jewel to the crown. Being the ultimate barbecue queen, renowned for your beef ribs in the smoker has a lovely ring to it don’t you think!

With all the trimmings

As a barbecue queen, you need to also be a polished performer in the sides stakes.  Whether it is your salads, such as charcoaled grilled pumpkin and pepita salad or grilled corn and chorizo and luscious potato sides featuring grilled potatoes with jaw-dropping spicy chipotle dressing as well as barbecue sweet potato slaw, your guests will be impressed by the complete barbecue package you offer. Did I mention chargrilled prosciutto asparagus with sweet and sour dressing? Hungry yet?

Be inspired from the professionals

If you have always had a fascination with fire and barbecue, with loads of great food and fun, continue filling your cup with inspiration by learning from the best barbecue queens from around the country. From Marion Grasby, Sarah Todd, Stephanie Alexander to Donna Hay – all have exquisite recipes and techniques focusing on the art of grilling.  And not to forget Chef Shannon Martinez, the vegetarian powerhouse and her ability to transform the humble vegetable into a flavour barbecue mecca. Their understanding of produce selection as well as preparation and execution redefines devotion in getting the best possible result with all your barbecue meals. So, join the sisterhood and get your sizzle back to the barbecue (with Samba)!

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About Samba

For more than three decades, Samba has proudly built an industry-leading reputation, boasting high-quality products for all things fire and barbecue.  From legacy white firelighter to the increasingly popular natural products, our strong range reflects our intuitive process in presenting a fire and barbecue range that the market not only want but demands. Their commitment in creating ethically sourced, sustainable products is unwavering as we continue to strive for excellence in all that we do. Stockists include Bunnings, Woolworths, Coles. 

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