New Brisbane eatery, The Fish People has opened at the Brisbane CBD Food Court at Post Office Square.

The owners have stated this is not to be “your average fish and chippery”. The eatery serves quality grilled and beer battered seafood, poké bowls and salads along with fresh food. There are multiple items of interest for health conscious inner-city workers. Busy customers ducking into Post Office Square during their lunch break need not wait long.

The owners have a wealth of more than 20 years experience in the industry. They also have their own commercial fishing boat catching reef fish off the Gold Coast.  Being behind some of Queensland’s biggest seafood outlets.

Highlights of the menu are perfectly cooked grilled Tasmanian salmon, New Zealand cod and barramundi served with garden salad and chips or brown rice. The Fish People’s in-store chef uses the sous-vide method, cooking the fish to perfection before finishing on the grill with butter. The Fish People also make four fresh salads daily ready to grab-n-go. Also in the menu are beer battered fish, chips, calamari, fish burgers, fish tacos and sashimi-grade salmon and tuna poké prepared by their in house Chef from Japan.

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