The acclaimed Ben Ungermann has announced Marina Mirage as the home of his new flagship store: a gourmet ice creamery named Ungermann Brothers. Ungermann, 2017 MasterChef runner up and renowned “King of Ice Cream,” launched the seaside store alongside his brother Danny.

Born and bred in Ipswich, attending St Edmund’s College at the top of town, the brothers have always understood the importance of supporting the local community. As years passed on, both boys worked in various parts of the Ipswich community. However, they both always dreamed of opening a business together. Before participating in Masterchef, Ben mostly specialised in cooking savoury dishes (ironic, then, that he is now opening an ice creamery).  It was originally Ben’s plan to open a Dutch café after the show, however, after many fans requested he opened an ice cream store, Ben changed his plans.

Ben and Danny sat down and created the Ungermann Brothers gourmet ice cream brand. They didn’t want to make a regular ice cream store. The Ungermann Brothers wanted to create an experience unlike any other.

More than 500 litres of delicious ice cream was made for the official launch of the store, with the brothers scooping up 18 weird and wonderful flavors. The innovative flavours include blue cheese and fig, roasted garlic and lavender honeycomb. Marina Mirage will even feature an exclusive flavour with salted caramel, tempered chocolate and potato chips.

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