Set amongst the picturesque Scenic Rim on a peninsula near the Wyaralong Dam near Boonah sits idyllic winery, The Overflow Estate 1895.

The large property houses a vineyard that has been nurtured for 12 years by David Morgan and his family. They have created a special selection of rich wines that are not only delicious but pay homage to the great deal of history the property chronicles.

The Overflow Estate was purchased by David and his business partner Philip Usher in 2006 as a country property for them to nurture and develop. The property is divided into four sections with cattle, a sand mine, a sandstone quarry, and a vineyard. In 2008, after visiting friends in Spain, David decided to explore the wine business. Although he considered quitting many times, his perseverance has kept the rural legacy of the original owners, the Joyce family, alive despite the change in ownership. David said, “Little did I know how hard it was going to be. It was an affair of the heart, not an affair of the brain.” He also joked, “Good surgery comes from experience and experience comes from bad surgery, in other words you learn from your mistakes. If good farming comes from bad mistakes, then I’m a bloody ripper!”

It takes a village to run a winery and David contributes a lot of the success to his team of family and friends. David recently retired from his profession as an orthopaedic surgeon and for the past decade he has split his time between the vineyard and surgery. With his retirement he can now focus his attention on The Overflow Estate. He said, “I was really stretched thin for a while; I was still operating and that can be stressful in its own right, and running the property too.” Every day on the property has been a labour of love and coming from nothing in the wine business, he attributes his strength to being full of energy. “We realised we knew nothing and were prepared to take good advice. We’ve engaged help, we’ve learnt, we’ve listened, and we’ve worked hard.”

One of the proudest accomplishments for David is not the award-winning wine but the customer enjoyment. He said, “Every sip out of every glass has come from fruit in that vineyard and that’s a special experience. I can see it on their faces. That’s very reassuring and enriching.” David’s personal favourite is white wine vermentino, typifying its sister aromas of lemongrass and pear, retaining a crisp, dry and refreshing palate. The Sardinian berries generate a floral, fruity and gently spicy aroma, and the winning combination of flavours has secured Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at National Wine Shows.

David plans to continue expanding The Overflow Estate offering so that everyone can experience the architecturally striking cellar and stunning scenery by attending events and weddings. “It’s a magnificent place to be; it’s hard to be unhappy here,” he says with a laugh. Although a guest performance by The Rolling Stones is a dream for David, his winery is a fantastic reality.

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