In the Sunshine Coast hinterland lies a boutique family business that is buzzing with success. Recently winning multiple awards for its pure and delicious honey, Hum Honey is a true testament to the passion and hard work of food enterprises throughout the nation. Founded by Leisa Sams, otherwise known as Bee Girl, Hum Honey focuses on producing pure, raw cold extracted honey, honeycomb and cold infused honeys using organic beekeeping methods.

Leisa said that while she wanted to create a quality premium product for her friends and family to enjoy, Hum Honey was also about saving the bees. “It started as a mission to pollinate a newly planted habitat as part of the Land for Wildlife Project.” From there, the business flourished and recently received much earned recognition.

For the first time, Hum Honey exhibited at Fine Food Australia in Melbourne this year, where Leisa and her family proudly received the Best New Product Award for the Australian Made category. “We also entered the Sydney Royal Fine Food Competition and were delighted to receive Bronze for our Cold Fusion Ginger, Silver for our Cold Fusion Lavender, Silver for our Cold Fusion Cinnamon, and Gold for our Cold Fusion Lemon Myrtle. The Lemon Myrtle also won the Champion Product,” said Leisa. She was honoured when Hum Honey was asked to compete for the President’s Medal at the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales.

Boasting a background in veterinary nursing, Leisa has always been passionate about biology and farming. Being the sole beekeeper of her family business, she confides in her family and friends for help when it is needed and trusts the business will always be in good hands. “I love nothing more than opening a hive with my nine-year old son Lincoln, who has recently been on local news programs mentioning he is keen to take over the business one day, with some advice from the master beekeeper, Bee Girl,” joked Leisa. She is hopeful that the business will grow to support the employment of locals who share her passion for organic farming and beekeeping.

Hum Honey bees are content, stationary bees managed using natural beekeeping principles to maximise their health and happiness. “Hum is the sound that bees make when they are content, and we certainly go the extra mile in our husbandry of our hives to maintain strong, healthy hives,” said Leisa. Practices such as harvest sustainability, minimising movement of the hives and cold extracting matter to the quality and taste of Hum Honey produce.

Busiest in the spring and summer, beekeepers stay just as busy as the bees. “We can be cutting timber to build our hives, painting or creating frames and embedding wax foundation.” A myriad of achievements already under her wing, Leisa says there are some new ventures on the horizon for Hum, including hive expansion. “We aim to have Hum Honey ranged within fine food providores, speciality stores and retailers throughout Australia.”

At this rate, Bee Girl is sure to have honey lovers across Australia humming with content — just like her bees.

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