Inspiration for home improvement projects can be found in many forms and while magazines and television lifestyle programs are the obvious starting points, design trends are being influenced by experiences being had while abroad. According to the 2018 Adbri Masonry Great Australian Backyard Survey, the top backyard designs proven to be the most inspiring are all from popular holiday destinations – Bali, Japan and the Hamptons.

Landscaping expert and Adbri Masonry Brand Ambassador Jason Hodges says Australians love to holiday abroad and are now bringing back inspiration and style ideas for the home rather than photos and souvenirs. “It can be surprisingly cost effective to recreate your favourite holiday destination in your yard to enjoy all year round,” he said. With so many Australians committed to investing in their backyards, finding inspiration and new ideas to get started has proved important.

A Japanese zen garden offers a tranquil retreat for complete serenity, which is why some Australians are leaning towards creating a space to disconnect from stress and unwind from a busy lifestyle. Taking inspiration from Japanese culture, the zen garden offers a stylised landscape, combining many elements of landscape design including ambient water features, deep greenery and low maintenance plants, gravels, stepping stones and feature rocks.

A Balinese villa garden offers a tropical space. Bali is renowned for its colourful culture and beautiful landscapes. Home owners can turn their backyard into a Bali inspired private oasis with a variety of elements – from tropical plantation, water features, pools, ornaments and a Bali hut. Greenery plays a major role in the Bali garden, so foliage and plenty of leafy plants are essential.

A Hamptons inspired backyard gives the home a relaxed coastal vibe, and with the growing trend of outdoor living and alfresco entertaining, it is no surprise the Hamptons style is one of the biggest trends in 2018. The Hamptons look is all about structured details and layers, so whether it is a small courtyard, pool area or an alfresco room, add life and colour with greenery.

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