Moving from place to place in pursuit of her dreams is nothing new to interior designer Keeley Green. Africa, Italy, America, Papua New Guinea; you name it, she has been there. Now her compass is set back to Brisbane as she launches a new line of fabric wallpaper with Alianto Designs.

After finishing her studies at The Florence Design Academy and working in New York with internationally renowned designer Vincent Wolfe, Keeley moved to London and set up Alianto Designs – a design studio which produces luxurious wallpaper and fabric. With each design featuring hand drawn artwork by her business partner Amanda Ferragamo, her work has a distinctly natural earthy character and reflects the diversity of the world around her. “Every travel destination inspires me!  For me, there is always something to learn or take away from every destination.  I do feel a kind of peace and intrigue in developing countries,” she said.

With Alianto Designs now well established in the UK, Keeley is now bringing her signature style to Australia. With the launch of a new studio in Brisbane, her new Ailanto range is expressive of the natural world. The Pratomagno collection draws inspiration from Italy, with influences ranging from the famous Umbrella Pine trees of Rome to the Ailanthus plant which grows wild in Tuscany. The Juggler collection takes a different approach and expresses the funny and dramatic stories of unexpected events in our lives. Carciofi, was a design that came to her after noticing the wonderful vibrant colours nestled in a Thistle when walking in the Pratagno Hills.

Keeley’s new Brisbane design studio aims to provide exclusive, tailored interior design services. “Relaxed elegance, with an edge,” she describes it. With an aesthetic that translates across commercial developments, boutique hotels and high end residential properties.

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