Queen’s Wharf will be burying a time capsule at Waterline Park to be opened in 2049, containing an eclectic mix of items from a range of sectors including sports, arts and culture, entertainment, business, community, media, and government. The Star Entertainment Group has approached some of Queensland’s most prominent stars to donate personal mementos, including Johnathan Thurston, Jeff Horn, Laura Geitz, and Li Cunxin.

The Star Entertainment Group CEO Matt Bekier said the time capsule offered a unique opportunity to preserve a collection of personal objects for future Queenslanders to reflect on, while understanding the transformation Brisbane had undergone since 2019. “This city is starting on a journey of unprecedented growth with an extraordinary $15 billion-plus of major tourism and infrastructure projects expected within the next decade,” Bekier said. “[W]e want to mark the occasion early. Placing a time capsule underground before we start the main construction works, filled with objects and mementos that tell a wonderfully unique story of Brisbane and Queenslanders now, will give an incredible window into the past when it is dug up in 30 years’ time.”

Bekier said a diverse and bespoke range of personal items had already been received including State of Origin legend Johnathan Thurston’s Indigenous All-Stars headgear. Preserving a symbolic piece of Indigenous artwork, Thurston will formally present it at a ceremony on 10 May. “We want to thank everyone who has made a special contribution to our time capsule and has been willing to showcase their personal connection to our great city and state,” Bekier said, “We may not all be around in 2049 but we can certainly feel proud that these items will leave fascinating insights for the next generation, especially on Brisbane’s ‘coming of age’ through projects like Queen’s Wharf.”

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